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Scienceandcommerece college is an institution of higher learning dedicated to global enrichment and meeting the evolving needs of our diverse communities. With an emphasis on innovative programs, dynamic curriculum and general education skills, we are committed to being a pioneer in the field of career-focused education. We empower our students, faculty and staff to exceed the expectations of society through academic excellence, community enrichment and service to the public good.


Providing quality education to rural students , empower them through knowledge and values, making them aware of socio- economic changes and sustainable development


                The mission of our college is to provide value based education ,to make student competent accountable and civilized citizens.


1) To impart quality education to one student

2) To develop the self reliant and determination to our students so that they can respond with courage and sensitivity to personal and social issues

3) To enhance the overall personality of our students

4) To train students with required skills for self employment

5) To provide contextually relevant commerce education . 



Smt.R.M.Prajapati Arts College Campus Ambaji Highway ,At-Po-Ta-Satlasana

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Mobile : 9429543002
Telephone : 9429543002
Email : scicomsat@gmail.com

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